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Who We Are


2NiteWear is a formal women’s evening wear company that sells unique evening wear apparel designed by its owner and CEO, Tanjaneka, a new and emerging fashion designer who loves evening wear and red carpet looks.  As a designer she is highly focused on ensuring that each of her dresses and gowns are made with the highest quality, contain the most benefits for her clients, and always stand as the latest and trendiest fashion pieces currently found within the evening wear market. 


At 2NiteWear, we works to connect with women to gain a deeper insight into the types of look they choose or put together for a formal occasion. We understand that women want clothes that make a statement, they want clothes that exhibit who they are, and they want clothes that allow them to yield their womanly power when they go out to a formal event. We strongly believe in living up to those standards to ensure that 2NiteWear dresses and gowns meet the demands of women from all over and we have worked to develop a collection to help you answer the question; “What are you wearing 2Nite?”


  It's all about the Feminity!