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About Us

2NiteWear specializes in formal women’s evening wear through the sale of unique evening wear apparel, accessories, jewelry, hair accessories, purses, and clutches. As a new startup business, we’re highly focused on ensuring that each of our products are made of the highest quality, contain the most cost-effective benefits for our customers, and always stand as the latest and trendiest fashion pieces currently found within the evening wear market!

Throughout our time in business, we’ve worked to connect with women far and wide to gain a deeper insight into the types of outfits they choose or put together for a formal occasion. Our rigorous and intensive research led us to build our catalogue around what today’s women want to see in stores.

Women want clothes that make a statement, they want clothes that exhibit who they are, and they want clothes that allow them to wield their womanly power each and every day. When it comes to formal evening wear, those demands aren’t just present. In fact, they become even more important!

In order for us to live up to those standards and ensure that our clothing and accessories meet the demands of women from all over, we’ve worked to develop the most extensive formal evening wear catalogue that the world of women has ever seen!

So, should we ask the question; “what are you wearing 2Nite?”


Our Mission

Here at 2NiteWear, our mission is simple – we’re looking to completely transform the world of formal evening wear for women, so that they have an increased accessibility to trendy, versatile fashion pieces that instill in them the confidence that they deserve to have for that next night out on the town, special occasion, or formal event.

Women deserve to show themselves in their best light – and that means in the perfect outfit specifically designed for a formal evening. In addition to that perfect outfit, the proper accessories like jewelry, hair products, and purses or clutches will help to tie it all together.

At 2NiteWear, our main goal is ensuring that our customers feel confident in every last outfit they purchase from us, so that when that special someone asks what they’re wearing tonight, they reply back “my customized evening wear.”


Our Team

At 2NiteWear, we’ve worked to build our team around real women. You won’t find a leadership group more closely united under the common goal of offering new and exciting fashion pieces for formal evening wear. Led by our founder, our women-led team remain steadfast in our dedication to offering a wide selection of curated outfits, customized evening wear, jewelry and accessories, and handbags to suit nearly any formal occasion.

How did we do it, you ask?

We’re women; we learn from women, we work for women, and we live together as women.


Our Promise To You

If you ask our founder what matters most to her, she’ll always tell you that the most important thing we could possibly to for our clients, is to continue to offer exceptional service, high-end fashion products, and dedicated support to ensure that every last customer is fully satisfied with their experience.

You see, 2NiteWear is more than just a fashion store. In essence, we serve as proof that women deserve to feel confident in the clothes that they buy. With hundreds of satisfied customers thus far, we promise to continue to strive for your complete satisfaction with each and every purchase.

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