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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a question about2NiteWear, our products, or any other general inquiry? You’ve come to the right place! Please view our curated selection of our mostfrequently asked questions down below to see if we can help! If you do not see your unique question listed, or if you are unsatisfied with our provided response and require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly through the form provided on ourContact Uspage. From there, a member of our support team would be happy to do everything they can to best address your unique inquiry!

We look forward to serving our clients as best as we possibly can!


What Do You Consider Formal Evening Wear?

Formal evening wear is the type of clothing that most specifically aligns with special formal occasions that women may attend throughout their lifetime. This could include anything from a special corporate event, to a night out on the town, or even a formal dinner party. Formal evening wear should help to provide a special occasion outfit for a woman to wear for those special nights.


What Is Your Shipping Policy?

We ship all of our products with care as soon as we complete our thorough quality control check to ensure that our customers receive impeccable products. Inquire at your time of purchase to determine appropriate shipping rates and carriers.


Can I Return My Product If I Am Unhappy With It?

Of course! Please view our return and exchange policy by clickinghere. If you still have questions after reading our policy, please contact us for further assistance.

Do You Accept Debit/Credit Cards?

We do! At2NiteWear, we accept all major debit and credit cards for your transactions. Remember, we want to make high-end fashion more accessible for women!


How Frequently Do You Update Your Catalogue?

We update our catalogue frequently to help reflect all of the current fashion trends within the world of formal evening wear for women. Whenever we update our catalogue, we make a formalannouncement via our store Blog. Click here to become a follower to ensure you’re always up to date!