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What Are You Wearing 2Nite? Why It Matters

February 18, 2019


Our appearance is the first thing about us, our personalities, and our thoughts that we communicate to the world around us. Humans are visual creatures, which is why we can’t help but form opinions in just seconds. In fact, scientific studies have found that we form impressions in just 8-seconds, solidifying a preconceived notion that is hard to change.


That’s why your clothing is so important. If not for your appearance, it’s important to you, with studies showing that gorgeous eveningwear and beautiful jewelry actually improves our performance and self-confidence:


So what are you wearing 2Nite? Here’s why it matters:


  1. Self-Esteem:

As we mentioned above, we actually derive an element of self-confidence from how we think we look. That means if you are wearing beautifully crafted clothing that is unique and defining of your figure, you are going to feel more confident in all of your pursuits that day. With a boost in self-confidence, you’ll be able to guarantee a level of self-esteem that is important for you to thrive as a boss woman in whatever you choose to do.


  1. Perceived Status:

Whether you are giving a presentation or going on a date, you want to ensure the people around you understand how empowered you are. For them, they might not even have a chance to get to know you, which is why your perceived status is important. What you are wearing creates that status to anyone near and far to you – do you know what you are communicating?


  1. Personal Style:

We are all unique, which is what makes humanity so beautiful. Clothing is an excellent way to hone in on your personal style and really refine what makes you happy. If not for the people around you, investing in quality eveningwear is great for you and your creative expression. The more time you put into curating a wardrobe, the more you will be able to explore what colors, patterns, and fabrics make you happy.


  1. Timeless Elegance:

Phones and cameras are everywhere today, which means unfortunately, our appearance and presentation is being documented for eternity. Photos won’t remember our wit or our intellect; but they will remember what we looked like. You are beautiful in the skin you are in, and you are perfect. That’s why your clothing should support your uniqueness, not deter from it. If you’re ready to embody a timeless elegance, then it’s time to invest in your nightly appearance.

Whether it’s for a special occasion, a business demonstration, a date, or just a night out on the town, what you wear says a lot about you. It communicates your goals, aspirations, dreams, and personal quirkiness, all related to who you are as a woman. We are simply here to support you with women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessories that is timeless and elegant in every last stitch. Check out our selection today!



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